Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What came down my stairs and more.....

This walked downstairs early in the morning, it is most likely the only picture I will ever get of the green monster knitted for my son. It is his fishing sweater, what you cant see is that is has a pouch and a banded bottom, just like a sweatshirt. He likes it, alot. There is a baby version of it, hmmmm.

Finally, feel like this is done, its not very good, but it was alot of fun to do. Have always dreamed of being a sculptor, living in Italy and eating my body weight in pasta, but Rescue and poptarts and some funky tulips will have to do.

These guys are going to go up on Etsy as soon as there are some decent pics taken, photographing wool is really hard, but think these are fun.

The fish is not quite done, he needs some little underwater friends to keep him company!

Was going to try to make this into a necklace, or maybe another fob, this wool is great. Needle felted it and then hot water felted it too.

Maybe one day I will actually stop making weird stuff and clean my house, then again, maybe not......