Saturday, August 4, 2012

Home Again

This morning was the perfect day to go home again, not the home I share with my family (sometimes), but the home where my best childhood memories come from.  My daughter came with, we started out by eating some of the best all vegetarian food from the Sunflower Cafe, this place has been in Fair Oaks forever, and you have to wait to get your food forever, because they make it order by order, amazing.  We made our choices and then walked, in the pursuit of chickens.  I love chickens, really, beyond reason,  maybe this is why.
They roam free here, everywhere, and the variety is astounding.
These two were hunting buddies.
An excellent poser, this rooster.
Do you see his feathers?  They were luminous.
Do you call the little one on the rock a banty rooster?
This one, well is not to be messed with, check out his spurs...
Why did this chicken cross the road?  Usually there are a lot of them in the park, but this little one was on his own.  We spent so much time here as kids, saw movies in the summer, walked to the little store just outside the picture frame to buy candy, loved the little bottles with the liquid inside.  I was always with my sister, and I am sure there were so many times she wished I wasn't. 
The anteaters used to stand outside of the library, no I don't know why, but really wish they were mine and not chicken man's.  Think we read every book in that place.  The saying, you can't go home again, has always been a tough one for me.  After living so many places, and some of them very quick turn arounds, I wake up sometimes not knowing where I am at all.  Just being able to go to a place that is so wrapped up in the best of what I choose to remember is comforting.  Its not my home anymore, and no one I love is still there, but spending a few hours there calms my soul down. After we came home, I made this,
Which started out looking like this,
 Which can also look like this,
Or this,
I had to, dreamt of it last night, and had to get it out of my brain.  I know, silly right?  Even sillier than a post about chickens......