Tuesday, May 26, 2009

project and way too much me

So, many apologies in advance for the abundance of me, should of had corrie be the model..... this happens to my favorite yard panther, she loves to smell the herbs and hide under the bar-b-que, but mostly the noisy traffic really scares her.
The star wars cowl, its weird, but i sort of like it, you cant see the cyrstals on it though, figure it needed stars on it if I was going to go to the planet Endor wearing it.

A couple of the shrugs i made, doug calls them booby huggers, he is a weird man, got alot of shrug love when i wore it to services on Sunday, personally i love them.

This shawl is made from 100 percent merino and it feels like silk, currently my most favorite yarn, button was one of mema's from the button bucket.

A little felted bag made from plymouth bocu yarn, not my most fav, but it felted up really pretty and used my most favorite stitch, a i-cord.
Several women came into the yarn shop today and wanted to make the shrug, thought that was cool, they guy who came in who liked it, well, he was just a little scary!!! Have several hats going, found a really cool guys hat pattern, thought I finally made one big enough for himself's head, but am on try number two, tay will love the first one!