Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All about color....

So, my lovely niece told me about a color, bedford gray, that she had used, I had never seen it, but knowing what amazing taste she had, went and had it mixed without knowing what it was, its beautiful, won't tell how bad this bath was before, NOTHING worked, think it works now. It needed some funky art, was going to buy some, then realized, gosh, think I can do something wierd, forget how much fun painting is. The gorgeous vase on the counter is from the same amazing neice....

Nature know just the right shades, this is my most favorite posession, my tree, it is just perfect.

This is the most perfect shade of blue, dragonscale mitts from purlbee, sort of love them, the pattern is just so pretty and old fashioned. Need to finish the second.....cause there is more yarn waiting to be mitts too!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Make the mountain come to you.....

So, himself and I finally had a day off at the same time, wow, we were going to go for a drive, get out of town for awhile and see something pretty, I was really anxious to go, then he got sick, then I got sick, I love having my kids come home to visit, but why do they always come home ill? Since we couldn't actually go see any of this in person I decided to create my own virtual world.
These are all the pumpkins we would have seen.

And a basket of apples and pears that we would have brought home.

And a little squirrel that we would have laughed at, having a vivid imagination comes in handy at times like these.

Some one wanted to take the squirrel to work today, I said no, he needed to be here for company for me.Maybe not as fun as the real thing but it made him smile, mission accomplished.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorta Dr. Seuss

Cast this on last night, kinda knew the direction I wanted to go in, started knitting, threw it in the washer, and waa laa, it was just what i wanted it to be.

My sis happened to call this morn, and since she is the intended victim for this odd little thing, finished while we were gabbing, didn't know it would have a pansy on the back till I heard her voice. Now, the question would be, does one really need a oversized pod-ish pin holder, quess the anwer would be no, but just maybe the answer could be yes too.

The last of the peppers, they are really giving it their best for this last hurrah, habanerros, when they go red it is the best shade of that color ever.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

when you should be someplace else....

So sometimes life feels like your on a really bad taxi ride with a driver that just wont listen to where you want to go, I am supposed to be far, far away now with my sis and her family that I love very much, but instead, am here..... so after some serious wallowing, started thinking, what do you do when someone sends you a flurry of beautiful snowflakes?

You make some earrings that sparkle like crazy that remind you of winter in Germany.

You send your sis a field of snow back, alpaca, so soft, funny thing is its not stretchy when its dry, but when wet, will stretch like mad, so am just thinking how come when little alpacas out in the wild get rained on, why dont they get all stretchy too....

Put in the same box some cowls, its a simple design, but my own, beige one is merino that feel like silk, striped one is silk and wool that feels like both.

Another Noro wool, silk blend, bigger yarn, more subtle colors, and a organic hand dyed cotton from peru, feels like a cloud.

And this one, yak down, once my sister and I were talking about raising musk ox for their fur, well, my yard is too small, and even though yaks and musk oxen are different, I feel they must be related some how, so this is for her, super soft and a little springy, almost makes you want a yak to cuddle with on the couch, almost.

And then maybe you wallow somemore and think forward to when you will be able to go and step into her life and be with her family and meet all girls she works with and enjoys so much, and then grab the cat and knit.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dont do's and do's while you are avoiding swine flu

So, for all three of you avid followers who actually read my blog, thought I'd post just a tip or two about how to spend your time when you are waiting out something like sf, and being so thankful it hasn't been worse than it has....

Do not by any means waste any time dusting, it will just come back, worse than before, instead...
think about what you are going to make with the yarn your son brought you back from Chile before he contracted said dreaded sf...

Take this pretty floss and cheap bracelet from hancocks and after spending two hours wrapping it and approx. ten dollars, end up with something you could buy at cost plus for two.

Dont clean out this cubby, it has been like this since September, it will be like this till the my children go back to school, when the doors are shut, no one knows the evil that lays within...

Do pick a tomato, the first big one, and put it on a bagel and eat it.

Dont bring in the laundry, it will be there tomorrow morning, and it will smell like fresh morning dew....

Do appreciate something someone gave to you a while ago, I love this little bag, my sister gave it to me.

Dont clean up the mess on the table, the juice will get drunk, the hat will get worn, and maybe at some point the sweater will get knitted.

Do make a purse, really happy with this, especially the little turtle buttons, found them at maiwa in canada.

Most of all just be happy that I am sitting here avoiding all the work around me and doing lots of things I enjoy!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

just a few things.....

So, just thought I'd throw a few things up that have been going on around here, put these bags together and hung them on my art room wall in hopes of containing the knitting chaos, eight bags, eight projects, it kinda sorta works....

My wonderful sister sent to me the best wool I have ever seen/felt, the colors are amazing, put them all in our mema's flour jar between working on it, think it looks like the best candy, the project with it is going to take awhile, but should be alot of fun when it is done, very under the sea themed.

Alaphabet peppers, habaneros, need a really good salsa recipe, if you have one pass it to me please!!!!

This leather bag in one of my faves, made it from some leather from salem glove co. and some linen, want to do anther out of this lee jofa fabric and brown velvet, do you think the aqua linen works??? Want to use the wood bracelets to connect the handles to the bag, think there should be a zipper too.

This is out or Noro Iro, the best yarn ever, love the cable pattern, want more of the yarn....

New fave hat, made from the simple pleasures pattern on purlbee, out of baby suri and baby alpaca lace, snuggly enough to keep you warm, loose enough to avoid hat head.

My first real sweater, love it, out of merino wool that feels like silk, it is the perfect through on over a cami do.

Monster squash, this is what happens when you cant find squash because the plants are soooooo big.

These are some kinda spicy peppers, made my eyes water just sitting on the table.

So this is a little out of order, bedroom shot with really cheap ikea lamps that i glued paper onto and then strung with crystals, table painted red by himself, (these are the sort of nice things your husband will do for you when they are laid off)

This is the other nice thing your husband will do for you while he is looking for his next job, he will grow the most beautiful garden in the world, this is an oasis, it is a treasure hunt every day to see what is out there, and if only I could capture a picture of the bumble bee who lives here, it is massive, and so bumble beeish it just doesnt look real at all.