Sunday, September 13, 2009

when you should be someplace else....

So sometimes life feels like your on a really bad taxi ride with a driver that just wont listen to where you want to go, I am supposed to be far, far away now with my sis and her family that I love very much, but instead, am here..... so after some serious wallowing, started thinking, what do you do when someone sends you a flurry of beautiful snowflakes?

You make some earrings that sparkle like crazy that remind you of winter in Germany.

You send your sis a field of snow back, alpaca, so soft, funny thing is its not stretchy when its dry, but when wet, will stretch like mad, so am just thinking how come when little alpacas out in the wild get rained on, why dont they get all stretchy too....

Put in the same box some cowls, its a simple design, but my own, beige one is merino that feel like silk, striped one is silk and wool that feels like both.

Another Noro wool, silk blend, bigger yarn, more subtle colors, and a organic hand dyed cotton from peru, feels like a cloud.

And this one, yak down, once my sister and I were talking about raising musk ox for their fur, well, my yard is too small, and even though yaks and musk oxen are different, I feel they must be related some how, so this is for her, super soft and a little springy, almost makes you want a yak to cuddle with on the couch, almost.

And then maybe you wallow somemore and think forward to when you will be able to go and step into her life and be with her family and meet all girls she works with and enjoys so much, and then grab the cat and knit.


corinnea said...

Thought I was going to be a big girl and not cry about this but that did it! I just hope in a few days you feel so much better. All the stuff it so fantastically gorgeous. I can't wait to touch it all! I am still hoping for a yard big enough for the alpacas, oxen and now yaks!


Norma's Nonsense said...

Will you two quit making my eyes water.....Sherie this was a really fun blog and you did a great job with your picture taking..

insanely crafty said...

mum better model all that goodness for us when she gets it! The knitting is beautiful I really need to learn!! Come teach me! LOVE the earring I want to see them on you! When do you have your surgery thing?

Jennifer said...

You'll get here soon:) Take care of yourself and heal (when you have the surgery) and then come visit and put all this sinus/mouth yuck behind you! Meanwhile, we'll keep COrinnea going here with lots of hugs and nice words:)

Everything is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing them in person!