Monday, June 27, 2011

Boot Camp Alaska Style

Oh boy, in the two weeks and two days since I have been here we have walked, and walked and walked some more. 
There is a hike here where you climb Flat top mountain, it is rated as a moderate climb, which we thought maybe was do-able, seeing that my knee is still not super-duper, and my surgeon said no mountain climbing, moderate seemed within range.

It was a very wet, soggy day, and things get a little slick on the ground, there is alot of shale rock on the paths, and it can be tricky to walk on.  Spotted this flower on the way up, I still had energy to get out the camera.
Well, this was on the way back down, there was no way, lots and lots of slippery steps and rocky steep slopes.  I felt so disappointed in myself, thought wow, should be able to do this, but Doug was smarter then me and put a stop to it, so we went and ate pizza.  Found out later a soldier had fallen climbing that evening and had to be air lifted out, maybe before we leave this can be my Mt. Everest and we can get to the top, if not, thats okay too.
On Sat. we drove to Seward which is the most beautiful drive ever, next time will have to take pictures.  Seward sits in Resurection Bay and was established in the early 1900 as a gateway for the railroad.  If you drive to the end of the road, literally, you can hike the peak down to the bay.
This was tough too, Sofey and I held Doug up a bit, but it is a gorgeous walk, lots of up and up, and then lots of down, there were several of these walkways which gave you a bit of a break.
This is the view of the bay as you reach the top before you start going down, with my hinged brace I felt pretty confident that we could make it to the bottom, and then back up, it was just to beautiful not to see what was at the end.
This is what greets you when you reach the meadow at the bottom, breathtaking, and the water is soooo clear, and so cold.  The climb back up took a bit longer, even doug was worn out, would do it again tomorrow.

Does this not look like just what a fishing boat running through the bay to head into the harbour at Seward should look like?
Sofee wants to be a mush dog, dont know if the Iditarod is ready for that.
There is no good reason for this, other than there is a really cute quilt store here, and this involves wool felt and cutting things up.  When the man of the apartment came home and saw it he was like, hmmm, wow, thats like, what is it?  Answer, a candle mat, the kit said so.  Response, much laughter.
It has been along time, since I have tried to paint or draw, really not sure if its something that I should keep up with, but maybe I'll get better with more practice.  Or maybe theres alot more candle mats in my future, I see christmas presents.....
Selfishly, I consider this God's gift to me every night before sleep, this is what midnight looks like here, wish you all were here to share it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My View of Alaska.....

 So, I think that my Alaska feet are finally under me, the first weekend, what with the unpleasantness of the car break-in and all sort of threw me, but now we are just truly enjoying it.  This is the view of Cook Inlet out of our living/dining/kitchen area, its a super wierd apartment, but with this to look at, you can deal with it.

These mountains you can see are the Alutians, my son is over there somewhere, is nice to know that the same sun is shining on us both.  In the other direction you can see Denali in the distance, it used to be Mckinnely, but has had a name change, hopefully we can make it out there, dont know how in the world you can see everything, theres just too many beautiful places.

This is Miss Sofey's park, she has made alot of friends, especially a little burnese pup that is just so cute, having this so close is the only way living in a city in a apartment is workable with a dog, granted, this city has alot of greenspace and she and I can walk from our place to downtown in about 5 minutes, she goes where I do, and people in town know her name, the lady in the tea shop even let her come in.  Anchorage is a nice enough town, definetly a tourist place, but small enough to be easy to find your way around, once I found the starbucks downtown, it was all good.

One thing that I really love here is that down the whole Cook Inlet they have made a trail that goes for miles, its where we walk every day, when the tide goes out it has a huge mud flat, and there are alot of really strange birds and lots of bird watchers.  We saw these guys one night, dont they look like emus?  They are sand cranes, but just to make doug laugh I told some bird watchers we passed to make sure not to miss the sand emus that were out, he dared me so I had to say it.

What a shock, I found the yarnie places, this is hand dyed by a woman here, just thought it was so pretty, someday, it will be a pair of socks.  The hardest thing about being here is not really having a ton of stuff to take care of, its alot of open time, which I am trying to sink into and enjoy, because these times dont come very often, and of course I have himself all to myself, which is really wonderful.  Next post should have more glacier pictures, and maybe a project or two!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Out of the Tunnel

What a strange time its been, but maybe finally, things are getting back to where it feels more normal, as normal as it ever gets around here, I could go on, but I think we have all been through a space in our life that just throws us off a bit, the getting thrown off track is the easy part, its finding my way back that has been harder.  And people I love just wont stay put, but that is also as it should be too. So a field trip was in order the other day.  I found this place on line, it is one of the last real wool mills around, and in between getting to play with my daughter and a really beautiful little girl and picking up my mum and auntie from the airport, finally got to go.  You basically get on the 5 and head for the hills, and then turn down a country road and just keep driving.  No one was around when I arrived at what was a shed and a couple of really, really big buildings, but you could hear the machines, I have a thing about big machinery, its connected to my dad, they always remind me of him.  There was only one door to knock on and when I did she just said come on in.  It was a wonderland.  Machine from front to back and wool everywhere.  She was lovely, and we talked and as she scooted her walker on would tell me about it all.  I needed a camera so badly there.

She makes wool batts for quilts, on a huge drum carder that  I did not get to see, another time hopefully,  This is amazing stuff, what our grandmothers and their mothers would make quilts with, it is so light and so lofty, and it is huge.  She explained to me that you can use the batt as is, or peel it into layers to make a thinner quilt.  Its all about preference.

My Sis had to have some, had to, so she took me to the shed and we dug through the batts till I found this one, its really lovely, its pure California wool, something that just really speaks to me, where ever Himself takes me across this globe, California is always where we come back to. I so wish my sis would have been with me, she would have loved this more than I did.  It is truly old school, this will take time to work with, and time to take care of, I think thats ok, sometimes old school is just what we need. 

Of course the yarn had to come with me, alpaca and wool that she spun herself, and the wool is for my niece, cause California is in her blood too, and she makes amaing things.  I loved this trip, on the way back out, there was a cowboy out riding, a real one, perfect.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Special Orders Received!

So, we went skiing on Christmas eve, hmmmm, a few runs into the day, a weird fall and I wind up like this, but very lucky for me, my sis has come to my rescue with two of the most brilliant bags ever! You CANT carry a purse with crutches, and you have to have something to put stuff in so after being very whiney to her, these beauties arrived. The crutch clutch is perfect, the latches allow it to hang two different ways, and you can also hang it from your wrist, and the zippers are perfect, any women who has ever been on crutches really, really needs one!

My lovely niece sent me these. I really love them and am soooo glad gave me some because there is no way I could have figured out how to do them, they are going to stay out all year!

This little bag has truly, truly made this whole little journey so much easier, it can hold stuff while I wander around picking up things, or even better it can hold yarn, it is the perfect size and the clips make it soo convenient. But, wait for this, it will also hold my largest starbucks travel mug, so now I can pour my own coffee AND carry it to where I want to go, amazing! And she made both of these patterns up, yup, I know, I am very lucky to have her!

This guy is from a bit ago, the bear needed a friend, he was really lonely. Who knew a walrus and a baby bear would be best buds.