Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Out of the Tunnel

What a strange time its been, but maybe finally, things are getting back to where it feels more normal, as normal as it ever gets around here, I could go on, but I think we have all been through a space in our life that just throws us off a bit, the getting thrown off track is the easy part, its finding my way back that has been harder.  And people I love just wont stay put, but that is also as it should be too. So a field trip was in order the other day.  I found this place on line, it is one of the last real wool mills around, and in between getting to play with my daughter and a really beautiful little girl and picking up my mum and auntie from the airport, finally got to go.  You basically get on the 5 and head for the hills, and then turn down a country road and just keep driving.  No one was around when I arrived at what was a shed and a couple of really, really big buildings, but you could hear the machines, I have a thing about big machinery, its connected to my dad, they always remind me of him.  There was only one door to knock on and when I did she just said come on in.  It was a wonderland.  Machine from front to back and wool everywhere.  She was lovely, and we talked and as she scooted her walker on would tell me about it all.  I needed a camera so badly there.

She makes wool batts for quilts, on a huge drum carder that  I did not get to see, another time hopefully,  This is amazing stuff, what our grandmothers and their mothers would make quilts with, it is so light and so lofty, and it is huge.  She explained to me that you can use the batt as is, or peel it into layers to make a thinner quilt.  Its all about preference.

My Sis had to have some, had to, so she took me to the shed and we dug through the batts till I found this one, its really lovely, its pure California wool, something that just really speaks to me, where ever Himself takes me across this globe, California is always where we come back to. I so wish my sis would have been with me, she would have loved this more than I did.  It is truly old school, this will take time to work with, and time to take care of, I think thats ok, sometimes old school is just what we need. 

Of course the yarn had to come with me, alpaca and wool that she spun herself, and the wool is for my niece, cause California is in her blood too, and she makes amaing things.  I loved this trip, on the way back out, there was a cowboy out riding, a real one, perfect.