Thursday, September 18, 2008

Silly reasons to smile...

I couldn't resist these earrings, their long, have round circles and are blue, they were at the art gallery here, so glad they could come home with me.

Okay, how cool is this, coffee bag from the gas station/bakery/coffee shop/ice cream/wine store, love the colors, the print is this years print from pt. roberts, both will go in the kitchen, think they will look good, wall art for under 10.00, gotta love that.

The flowers are from right outside my door, the colors are just beautiful.

Please welcome Maggie, the jack russell and Timmy, the corgi, they are husband and wife and belong to a lovely woman here who has a boat charter business, and who is kind enough to let us play with them, there is just no way you can look at a corgi face and not smile with your heart.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paws and a pillow

Slippers paws, I love her feet, she is happy as long as her head is under and her feet are out....
This is the pillow after being felted, I was so excited it worked, shrank over 8 inches, it was like magic, then put the circles to mimic the Kaffe (pronounced coffee in my head even though I know its wrong) fabric on the back.

Luckily the grocery store here on the point is like one stop shopping, they had really cheap camping pillows, it fit perfect, imagine that.

So, this is really kind of awful, but a fun exercise in pastel, thats one thing I would really love to learn how to use, someday....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Beach Treasures

So these are some of the amazing things we saw , thought these rocks were cool, notice the circle rock....

These jelly fish were everywhere need to find out what kind they are, and they are really big, like two feet around, wanted Doug to pick one up but he didnt, dont know why.

These berries grow wild all over the Point, should really pick something and cook something yummy, or maybe just do what the bears do and eat them as I go.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back to Perfect

So, after a moving day that lasted 3 lifetimes, we have arrived back at Point Roberts, although this time it is without our children. For the first time in a really long time it is just my man and me, not a bad thing, just weird. We left behind us belongings strewn through two states and one foreign country, and dont really know how much of what got left behind that is needed, the only thing that might be missed is the rope I used to have a slight grasp on, think that is somewhere on I-5 not too far from salem, that can be done without for a while too, just float through the next couple of days untethered to any responsibility at all. Only thing in the near future is some beautiful yarn, and a pillow project, think it might just turn out!!! Oh, and trying to master putting a picture in the right spot on this post, maybe if I knew how to use a computer!!!