Friday, February 26, 2010

Wool Magic....

I got really lucky the other day, found this sweater at the thrift store, it is the most beautiful wool, in my favorite color, it was only 4 dollars, but best of all...

It was made in Scotland, a place I so fell in love with, would go back to and live there forever.

It came home and promptly got washed and turned into the most wonderful felt I have ever seen. A super handsome scots man could wear this felt while running over the hills and through the heather in a cold scottish rain and never get wet, I know, I pictured it all in my head... he looked like my husband, who has a little scots in him, lucky me.

It got cut up,
and needle felted with some gorgeous wool from my sis,

and is now this, himself says its weird, maybe I don't like him after all.

Meet Bonanza, I love him, he is named this because when something really cool happens that you sorta weren't expecting to work out, you just have to yell out Bonanza!! I learned this a long time ago in Germany.

My boys do love this guy, they both said he needed to be a vacuum attachment to make cleaning more fun. They are weird.

He is happy to be outside, but the wind mussed his hair a bit.
Just had to give a shout out to cotton, organic, hand-dyed, impossibly soft and squishy goodness, just a simple scarf with crochet trim, I tried to make it fancier, but this is what it wanted to be. Yep, yarn speaks to me, if your thinking this girl has lost her mind, well that train left the station a really long time ago!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Her sweater, plus opinions please

So, my neice requested a cardigan sweater in grey or green, was hoping that this would fit the bill for her. Its made of Ultra Alpaca, just a really great yarn, 50 wool and 50 alpaca, both these fibers bring out the best in each other, and it makes up into a fabric that you dont have to baby, you can just stuff the sweater into a back pack and head to the beach, it can take it. The style is my own, dont do this to be clever, just not clever enough to read a sweater pattern most times, they are just one big story problem!
Am anxious to hear if its to her liking....

Now, if I could please have some thoughts from whomever is willing to give them to me, am thinking of opening an etsy shop, what I need to know is, does anyone like these following things and do you think they would sell???

This is made from Itata, merino, silk, bamboo. One of my favorite yarns, great color, great feel.

This is made from eco wool, have fallen for this yarn too, in the que for making the shalom cardi, when we get in back in stock and after i decipher the pattern (story problem solving).

This baby is pure italian cashmere, needs to be touched, it doens't weigh anything, and is softer than air.

Now this one, Art Yarns silk rhapsody, I have no words for it, it is just beautiful, really, and it has a sheen, and is so soft, 50 silk 50 kid mohair, amazing.

This is a sweater made for my mum for her birthday, itata yarn again, this is not my pattern, its called Featherweight cardigan by Hanna Fettig, have made two, really fun knit.

Another gift for mum, lace shrug out of merisoft wool, feels like cotton puffs, kind of a funky style, himself does not understand this style, he thinks its weird, but I think fishing is weird, so were even.

So throw back some opinions at me please, it would be great to be able to support my obsession a little with maybe selling some things! Thanks!