Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rebel Fish and hi-jacked idea

Well, hey there Rebel Fish, so glad your here with me! The sound track to my life lately has been Rebel Rockers by Michael Franti, amazing, makes you want to put tons of braids in you hair, throw on a flow-ey skirt and dance around your living room, and it also inspired this guy. I like him.

He's a puppet, but also sorta a stuffed animal, wanted him to keep his round shape, so sewed a insert and made him go all puffy.

He likes to laugh alot.

He's a great swimmer, cause all he really has to do is a few flaps of the fins, and away he goes.

He is not built for speed, just for a slow cruise.

He really likes to show off his fins.

He is sort of vain that way.

He a total vegetarian, prefers seaweed all the time, and pasta.

Time for him to go for a swim.

I jacked this idea from my sis, her blog should be linked in this exact spot, but am not smart enough to do that. Its made from wool yarn and roving.

I have one of hers that goes every where with me, it has gnomes on it, I took it before my mom could claim it.

Thought these might sell on my etsy? Do you mind sis?

Think maybe Rebel Fish will go there too, if my son doesn't claim it first.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I can too!

So, the other day at work, the ladies who were in class were working on fair isle bags, a really cool technique, a really old one, one I have never tried. One of them said, oh you cant do this can you? Now I dont remember saying this, but its possible, maybe it was more like I've never done this before, and of course when I am told I cant do something, then I must at all costs do that thing. It started with yarn my son brought back from Chile, on the right, it is razor wire disguised as wool, I could knock over any yarn shop in town and they could never catch me as I have no fingerprints left after working with it. The other yarn is Ultra Alpaca my all time fav yarn. So then, of course, the bag was made, its easy, just time consuming and waa laa, a bag was born.

Now in the midst of making said bag, we took my wee daughter to san fran to catch a flight to florida, of course we went for a walk in golden gate park, beyond beautiful this time of year, and then down to north beach to our fav italian resturant, amazing pasta, on the way a woman crossed our path, she was wonderful, and wearing every thing you could possibly imagine that was knit, hat, scarf, leg warmers, gloves, wristies, sweater, bag, it was 80 degress out, I'm sure I am forgetting something, himself looked at me with a expression of terror, he knew this could be me, I am just one ball of yarn away from this..... anyways, back to the bag....

The yarns decided to felt at different densities, it must have been a very angry sheep that produced the wool from chile, it just didnt want to give in. So the purse is a little weird, wonky even.

As you can see it looks wonderful on himself, although he told me it should never been worn in public. Too bad, it was going to be a present for him to carry his computer bag in. Guess this little beauty is mine, all mine.
After our evening workout, I got dressed for dinner, I feel stunning, amazing, and sexy beyond belief, draped in knits from head to toe. I miss my soul sister from sf, we are peas in a pod, her and I, and tonight my husband after seeing me in all my knitted glory is just more than a little afraid, really thought he was made of stronger stuff.

Truth is I am afraid too, and there is more that just couldnt be put on, think, maybe, its time to stop knitting, or maybe its just time to move to san francisco.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He's not mine, but I wish he were.....

This is Spur, he belongs to our neighbor, a girl Tay went to school with, I want him.She went to a concert the other night, and asked us to babysit, it was a really hard job.

There is nothing on this whole earth as precious as a baby corgi, nothing.

We played, and he got very tired, do you see his little short legs, and really, really big ears??? They feel just like velvet.

The boys bonded, I love puppies, human and animal.

Does he have to go home???

Think maybe he should just stay here.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There was a bit of a sewing disaster this week, there were some not so good dinners, had several knitting issues could not figure out, so just needed to switch mediums. I love clay. This guy is so weird, so out of proportion, and a little mongoosey, but he still says bear to me, and he's not yarn, fabric, or food ingredients.

He was just what I needed today.