Friday, June 24, 2011

My View of Alaska.....

 So, I think that my Alaska feet are finally under me, the first weekend, what with the unpleasantness of the car break-in and all sort of threw me, but now we are just truly enjoying it.  This is the view of Cook Inlet out of our living/dining/kitchen area, its a super wierd apartment, but with this to look at, you can deal with it.

These mountains you can see are the Alutians, my son is over there somewhere, is nice to know that the same sun is shining on us both.  In the other direction you can see Denali in the distance, it used to be Mckinnely, but has had a name change, hopefully we can make it out there, dont know how in the world you can see everything, theres just too many beautiful places.

This is Miss Sofey's park, she has made alot of friends, especially a little burnese pup that is just so cute, having this so close is the only way living in a city in a apartment is workable with a dog, granted, this city has alot of greenspace and she and I can walk from our place to downtown in about 5 minutes, she goes where I do, and people in town know her name, the lady in the tea shop even let her come in.  Anchorage is a nice enough town, definetly a tourist place, but small enough to be easy to find your way around, once I found the starbucks downtown, it was all good.

One thing that I really love here is that down the whole Cook Inlet they have made a trail that goes for miles, its where we walk every day, when the tide goes out it has a huge mud flat, and there are alot of really strange birds and lots of bird watchers.  We saw these guys one night, dont they look like emus?  They are sand cranes, but just to make doug laugh I told some bird watchers we passed to make sure not to miss the sand emus that were out, he dared me so I had to say it.

What a shock, I found the yarnie places, this is hand dyed by a woman here, just thought it was so pretty, someday, it will be a pair of socks.  The hardest thing about being here is not really having a ton of stuff to take care of, its alot of open time, which I am trying to sink into and enjoy, because these times dont come very often, and of course I have himself all to myself, which is really wonderful.  Next post should have more glacier pictures, and maybe a project or two!


Corinnea said...

Oh my! What a view! I don't suppose you've used that pad of paper with it being so uninspiring and all?? ha ha

So very glad you guys are having such an experience! Sophie is a hoot. Not surprised she is let in tea shops, being the breed of queens and all.

Be careful out on the glacier. Can't wait to see the mush oxes/oxen?

Jessica said...

That is awesome! The Sand crane/emu things when I first saw the picture it looked like a deer on its back with it's legs in the air...
I'm still mad about the break in thing? Will you get to replace your stuff? Can they track it?
I can't wait to see what you are up to! Not having anything I have to do sounds like a blast! I hope you can really embrace it!

Joan's Good Life said...

Sorry to hear you had an initially bad experience. Hope it all gets taken care of easily.

The view is SO lovely. I had no idea you were going to be in Alaska as well.

The yarn looks scrumptious! I hope you'll share the final results of your knitting with this yarn.

Enjoy your "time" and do continue to share your travel with us! ;-)

Becky's Bouquet said...

It sounds like you two are loving life! Your post made me smile, laugh, and smile some more. hugs!