Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Special Orders Received!

So, we went skiing on Christmas eve, hmmmm, a few runs into the day, a weird fall and I wind up like this, but very lucky for me, my sis has come to my rescue with two of the most brilliant bags ever! You CANT carry a purse with crutches, and you have to have something to put stuff in so after being very whiney to her, these beauties arrived. The crutch clutch is perfect, the latches allow it to hang two different ways, and you can also hang it from your wrist, and the zippers are perfect, any women who has ever been on crutches really, really needs one!

My lovely niece sent me these. I really love them and am soooo glad gave me some because there is no way I could have figured out how to do them, they are going to stay out all year!

This little bag has truly, truly made this whole little journey so much easier, it can hold stuff while I wander around picking up things, or even better it can hold yarn, it is the perfect size and the clips make it soo convenient. But, wait for this, it will also hold my largest starbucks travel mug, so now I can pour my own coffee AND carry it to where I want to go, amazing! And she made both of these patterns up, yup, I know, I am very lucky to have her!

This guy is from a bit ago, the bear needed a friend, he was really lonely. Who knew a walrus and a baby bear would be best buds.


Jessica said...

agh! that walrus is AMAZING!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! So glad you posted again!

Corinnea said...

So very, very glad you like the things I made you. So very, very sorry you needed them!

The walrus is SPECTACULAR! I was going to say amazing but Jess already did. You really need to tell us how you made him!....

Joan's Good Life said...

Oh for goodness sake. That walrus is just too fantastic! You are so talented!

And, as awful as this may sound... I guess it takes bummin' your leg up to get you to sit still long enough to blog?

So sorry about the leg, but lucky you to have a great sister who is talented in the sewing department.

Feel better soon.

Norma's Nonsense said...

Good post Sherie. We need to take more pictures of 'stuff' so you can post another. It will give you a brake from knitting.

Kelly's Korner said...

I hope you are feeling a little better now Sherie! Those bags are super cool! The walrus and bear are awesome! Are they wood or clay? You did a great job!