Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Herd of Frogz

Think spring is finally here, and with it came a little gathering of frogs, dont know why, when I saw them on Purlbee, they were just cute, so there you are.
This one is my fav. Then of course had to try the beach balls, these were just fun, and of course being a round circle make me weirdly happy.

Made this collage for my bedroom, if theres one thing more funner than circles its ripping and cutting paper up to put together again.

Made this cami for myself out of blue sky alpaca skinny cotton, very simple garter stitch with i-cord strap and some simple crochet trim, wear it over a white tee and its pretty cute, wore it to my job at the knitting store and even got a compliment!

My first lilac, if there is any smell on this earth that says spring to me, this is it.

Project in the works, thought of this one while I was at work at dsw, the most insanely huge shoe store ever, which should be a good fit for me, but my mind wanders, and it wandered here, lets just hope it works out, but with sharpies you can never go too wrong.


insanely crafty said...

Wow you've been busy!! Did you make the frogs??? There are a ton of them it totally reminds me of practical magic... Of course that may of been toads.
Love the balls I wonder how many you have in your house? Are you planning anything in particular to do with them?
LOVE the tank you should take a picture with it on so we can all see how awesome it looks!!!
Loved seeing how the collage turned the butterflies and gold highlights are my favorite parts
I'm so glad you blogged we miss you when you don't. How's the jobs going?

corinnea said...

Oh my word you busy flippin bee!!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING!! Which translates gimme gimme. Here I said working would leave you less time...... I am definetly doing something wrong!!!!
Remeber the toads and frogs we used to catch? Don't round things make everyone smile??? You only got ONE complement on the cami??? I contimue to emvy your collage ability. I miss the lilacs on Patch.... since we had snow yesterday, there aren't lilacs yet... hurry and get the next project done and post it!!!!! I think this is more than a comment. Can you tell how much I miss you??

Norma's Nonsense said...

Great post Sherie. Do you ever sleep?

Jenny P. said...
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Jenny P. said...

I want to see the tank on too with a tee under it! It's adorable!! I have been meaning to add you to my blog roll. I'm mad at myself for taking this long!