Thursday, December 11, 2008

So, its been sooo long since the last post seems I forgot how!!! Just wanted to thank everyone who is linked to my sisters blog, when I couldnt craft, you all were my outlet and inspiration with my morning coffee, you all are very talented! These are just a few silly pics of me and my crazy fam, corrie and I on the dock at Camp Richardson, Lake Tahoe and some beautiful little ducks, I adore ducks, just dont know why the guys get to be so pretty??? The little hat is for a very sick little boy who we go to worship services with, you were there were more you could do for a family who is facing such a hard journey, the little bag is for his big sister, its the last of the moda basic grey that i had, love that fabric. The Big hat is for my big/little boy, its from pattern from, its a skull cap pattern that people make and send to her and she distributes them to the military, (on the top of my list of things to do). The scarf is out of 5o lama and 5o silk, my new favorite yarn, really soft but its got a bit of a tooth with the slub of the silk, the pattern is from purl bee, their mistake pattern, really fun. So, everything else is off limits and in a box in the mail. Have a few more projects to finish and then its making marshmallow time, you've got to try it, just a blast!!! and amazingly wonderfully delish, use Alton Browns recipe from food network, way better then martha stewarts recipe. Happy Mallowing!!!

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