Saturday, December 20, 2008

Woo Hoo All Done!!!!!

So the last of the projects are done and in the mail, well at least three of them are! Now just have a few other little odds and ends to play with, and made the last batch of marshmallows today with Corrie, think I have a problem, love making marshmallows, its just magic! These little book bags are for three of my favorite little boos, one of them will have to "grow" into hers, but it wont be long.... I made them from fabric my sis sent to me, jitterbug, love it even more now that I have worked with it, has such a great feel, and washed up perfect and they way it all goes together, makes what is a very simple bag look way more special!

Kitchen is done!!! This was the most easiest ( I know thats not right but it fits) home project we have ever have done, and think it was really effective, looks like a totally different kitchen, and love the pulls, clearance bin at Lowes, love that, anyways, inspires me to be in there way more, the color is devilsfood, appropriate huh?

This is for my mum, love how this came out, once again the fabric raises up a simple thing to sorta cool, its from Hoffman Fabrics, instead of calling them jelly rolls they call them Bali Pops, the colors are just so incredible. Its for her to put all her yarn in for the projects she makes for next Christmas!


corinnea said...

ALL of your stuff is really great. Love the bags for your boos, cute cute cute.

The kitchen looks great. Hope the house is feeling like yours again!

Mom's bag, so cool! Love the circles and your embroidery. Was just telling Jess that I need to embroider something, don't know what just something.....

insanely crafty said...

Love it all! What is it about making bags that is so addictive I can never make just one! All of yours are SOO cute I love the initials and the fabric! And that you have found another place to use circles!!
The kitchen looks good! thanks for the pictures!

Norma's Nonsense said...

I love my bag, love my bag, love my bag.......I think there is a tune to go with that.....I love my stacking felted bowls......getting handmade gifts is something I think we need to keep doing...thank you so much.