Thursday, January 29, 2009

All over the map

It certainly feels like we have been on a long trip, even though for alot of it we never left home... my man and me went on a road adventure, there was the most coolest shell store in morro bay, this little guy is a real beauty, and from so far away. Just a few projects, another hemp dishrag, I consider these like the little guys in the midst of the really big endeavors, this other pic is from a trip to a really cool fabric store with my mum, didnt try to buy stuff with circles on it, it just sort of happens, these are for next christmas, if they turn out.......had a fun day with her.

Another alpaca cowl, tapered this one much more so it is cozy around the top and then slouches down, love making these, added a button so top would be obvious, its looking for a home.

Socks are the newest trip, if I can get past the heel it would be really exciting, just love the thought of making socks, makes me feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder, my hero. Also is my first attempt at a fingerless glove, these are fun!!! Himself calls him my Micheal Jackson gloves, no vision I tell you.

All during our trip we were sick, and tried to ignore it, we finally had to give in, but we did have great fun, tried to work on pair number 2 of fingerless gloves in alpaca, gorgeous, just not smart to work in a diesel on a bumpy road in the middle of nowhere california, had to put these away till we got home!

Doesnt our counter look like we are running a pharmacy???? Sort of felt like this guy that was way up on the rim of hearst castle, sometimes life really feels this way, like you are running around buck nekked with the world on your shoulders!!

Took these pics for my sis and jess, shouldnt the elephant be standing on something???? The lion was holding a really, really big candlestick, it was in the dining room, I could have helped him spend his money with he was building the castle, would have given the poor elephant a foot rest.

California dreaming.......

This guy has been keeping me company for sometime now, every morning when i open the curtains and am waiting for the coffee to brew, he is there, having the most wonderful feast, and I just wonder how did he know to come to my yard??? Sometimes I just miss the obvious, and make things way too hard, perfect can sometimes be right in front of your face and you dont even know it. It was a great road trip, we got sick, we froze, we got to see our kids, life now feels like I have stepped off the end of the ruler that I have measured my whole life by, and while its really scary, its okay.


corinnea said...

K, is it greedy to want three or four of everything???? Yes? Then at least one please.

What else can I say but hang on! The unexpected can be so interesting. Scary, but interesting.

insanely crafty said...

I am glad you are back! missed you! Love all of your pictures you are going to need to get busy because i also want 3 or 4 of everything ... and a neck thing... too bad it is so stinking hot here that i would never get to use it.
I am going to be sending something to you soon. you might want to order a 12x24 pillow from pottery barn... (or try squishing the 14x26 pillow that joannes carries ... I am personally opting for that)your choice! Oh and it is dougs thing... not yours but I dont think it will matter

Norma's Nonsense said...

It was a fun day with you, looking at all the fabric and projects. I actually told my little nut eating critter that visits my yard, that you needed some visits too, so he put the word out and sent a couple of his buddies over to your yard. If you are missing having snakes in your yard, let me know, I can help there too!! Turkeys??? Got 'hum............