Thursday, February 5, 2009

mini mini and they're to big for me

So, needle felting, there are no words for how much fun this is, truly, its just magic. Some beautiful dyed wool, a couple of needles, piece of foam, and a really thick glove, and off you go. This guy came out as a baby, thought he was going to be a grown up, his feet are way to big!!!

The mushroom came before the mouse, and he was lonely, so had to make him a little friend.

My insane cat on the kitchen table and under what is a christmas project, should a animal really make you this happy???


corinnea said...

None of the needle felting I have seen has been that cute! Give slips a hug for me!!! Ha, like she'd ever let me hug her! So WHO'S xmas gift is that? do we get to put in dibs???

insanely crafty said...

Those are SO ADORABLE I LOVE THE PENGUIN!!!! ...ok I will stop shouting now... I have been wanting to do that stuff forever! I am so glad you tried it because I am going to live vicariously through you for now! I want to know what the project is... though i am not at all suprised that it involves circles.... is it for next years christmas? you are awfully early!!! I am not even done with last christmas... Anyway I mailed you something I am hoping it will be there soon but I dont know how long is is going to take... let me know when you get it so I can post it!

Joan's Good Life said...

Hi, you don't know me but... I LOVE the needle felting you've done! I just needle felted a design on a little purse I felted and it was sooo much fun! But I'm wondering... the needle felting you did... wasn't it a bit scary? I mean, your fingers must have been awfully close to those needles in order to make the round shapes. I was nervous just laying the wool on top of the felted bag and piercing away at it! Your stuff turned out too cute! I'll be posting my little purse sometime next week.

sherie lee said...

Thanks! I sorta love the penguin too. The stuff slips was under are muliple xmas gifts, sort of what you might tie on the top instead of a ribbon, still need some grommets for them... Am looking forward to said package Jess. Hey Joan, I agree with you, its just so fun to felt, the key for getting the small shapes was a really thick deer skin glove on the hand your holding the wool with, alot of pain averted!!!